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We use the best and newest technologies and rigorously update our equipment. But if something old works better, we keep it. So if you have a preference for a particular type of hardware, we will provide it, though, frankly, it works better if you tell us what you want to happen and let us design the architecture of your event. Some equipment is designed and manufactured by the biggest names in the industry, some is custom made according to our own proprietary design.


Bosch DCN Next Generation. This system can serve a dual function: it works as an interpreter panel in the booth for language interpretation as well as a push-to-talk microphone. It is the ideal solution for both large meetings and small round-table discussions. It allows us to turn any venue into a world-class conference room. Bosch engineers spent hundreds of hours with the most respected simultaneous interpreters designing these interpretation consoles. Every scenario that can happen in a multi-lingual conference has been thought through and can be handled with the push of a button. For example, if your floor language is rapidly changing between multiple languages, each interpreter can easily and automatically relay from his or her native tongue to English for the other interpreters. This allows each interpreter to continue interpreting without fumbling looking for a relay switch. The Bosch Next Generation DCN is the benchmark that others try to copy. The technology driving the NG system is truly amazing. Fiber optic connections between all components practically eliminate the distracting noise heard in other systems. Also, one trunk cable is all that ties the pieces together. So all you and the attendees see is a clean setup without much cabling.


Interpretation booths
Minimize distraction
Essential for small rooms and/or multiple languages
Reduce “cross-talk” between interpreters and attendees
Provide a comfortable working environment for interpreters
6’ x 6’ footprint accommodates 2 interpreters
8’ x 6’ footprint accommodates 3 interpreters


Listen Technology receivers sound clear, both in a conference room and on a walking tour of your facilities. The receiver locks onto a frequency, and if the frequency shifts, the receiver moves with it, keeping the bright sound essential for verbal comprehension.